Returning to old friends

As you may or may not know, before I did the whole streaming thing I was a "games journalist". Not a particularly successful one mind you, but dammit did I try.

Since I left that job on let's just say not so great terms, I felt the need to archive my writings just in case a wrathful editor decided to purge these articles from the face of the earth. Originally, I thought I might just re-post these articles on this blog just so they continued to exist, but they represent a me of around 10 years ago: before I was married, hell, before I knew anyone would even want to ever want to be around me long enough to want to start a family.

Instead, I'm going to go through the games I wrote about and revisit them with an older (and hopefully much wiser) mind. Maybe by returning to the past a bit, I can catch that writing bug once again.